May 17, 2018

Special sessions

Special Session on Docent Innovation @UCA

Submitters to the III Jornadas de Innovación Docente de la UCA with a contribution aligned with the SIIE 2018 topics, may also submit it for evaluation to SIIE, following the instructions on the Contributions page.

Contributions submitted in this way may be in Spanish or English. Contributions received, reviewed and accepted by the SIIE committee will be published in English as IEEE Proceedings, indexed in SCOPUS. If the contribution is accepted, it must be translated into English for publication in IEEE Proceedings. Registration should be completed only after an eventual acceptance of the contribution.

In case of acceptance and publishing of the contribution, there will be a super-reduced registration fee to cover the costs of the IEEE publication only. The deadlines for the submission of contributions are the same as for the general SIIE symposium. To sum up:

  • The work can be submitted to SIIE for review in Spanish or English. Deadline for this is the paper submission deadline.
  • The final version to be published in IEEE Proceedings in case of acceptance must be in English. Deadline for this is the camera-ready deadline

During the symposium a special session will be held for the presentation of the accepted contributions from the Jornadas de Innovación Docente de la UCA. This session will be scheduled to allow participants to attend both events. In addition, best evaluated contributions after the committee review and  evaluations received for paper presentations during  the SIIE sessions, might also be invited for extensions to be considered for publication in various indexed journals as indicated on the Contributions page.